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A magazine programme hosted by Kim Hill, with long-form, in-depth feature interviews on current affairs, science, modern life, history, the arts and more.

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Most people think that fish aren't as intelligent or sophisticated as land animals. We joke about their poor memory and many still believe fish don't feel pain in the way other animals do. Australian biologist Prof Culum Brown strongly challenges these ideas, based on his years of research into fish behavior and learning. He's found that even the smallest fish are capable of learning and can retain memories for months, they display complex behaviour including forms of bullying, and that stingrays can even tell when it's the weekend! Prof Brown is based at Macquarie University in Sydney, where he runs the Fish Lab - the Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution of Fishes Laboratory. Current studies are looking at Manta rays, Smooth stingrays and Port Jackson sharks (which he likens to "puppies of the sea").

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