RNZ: Black Sheep

RNZ: Black Sheep by RNZ


The shady, controversial and sometimes downright villainous characters of New Zealand history, presented by William Ray.

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Minnie Dean must rank as one of New Zealand's most infamous figures. The only woman to be hanged in New Zealand history. For years she was portrayed as a cold-blooded killed who murdered babies for cash. More recently, attitudes towards Minnie have shifted, but she's still a controversial and complex figure. Black Sheep dives into the story of the baby farmer of Winton.

Previous episodes

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    Mon, 31 Aug 2020
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    Mon, 24 Aug 2020
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    Mon, 17 Aug 2020
  • 78 - Madam: the story of Flora MacKenzie 
    Mon, 10 Aug 2020
  • 77 - Invasive: the story of Stewart Smith 
    Sun, 02 Aug 2020
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