Human Design - The Rising Phoenix

Human Design - The Rising Phoenix by Benjamin Torre

Benjamin Torre

Would you like to read & listen? Created by Benjamin Torre with Tom Pfeiffer The Rising Phoenix podcast is a 6/2 perspective on The Human Design System to help us embodying and living our true nature. To those who would live life as themselves we demonstrate that with understanding comes a genuine revolution, the realignment of a life and the awakening of awareness. Strategy & Authority are the catalyst of transformation.
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4 Quarter of Incarnation - Our True Purpose lies in the Four Quarters  

Generator 6/2 | LAX of Prevention  BenLifeChanger is a worldly well known Modern Quantum Wizard. Natural Healer, Ben is recognized as a Human Design Role Model, Public Speaker, Philanthropic, Visionary Mystic, Mystical DJ, Breathwork Facilitator .  

Tom and Ben, are excited to invite you to join this second global gathering on The Rising Phoenix 2027 

"The witness returns through the womb, to build and bond, make more, measure and die."  - Ra Uru Hu  

Would you like to Join The HUB27  and to be part of a global community waking up to The Sleeping Phoenix that is coming in 2027?  
I invite you to live according your true Nature - Let go resistance, surrender to your strategy and authority, find peace, satisfaction, sweetness, and joy. 

Benjamin Torre:
Insta: @Ben_Lifechanger
SoundCloud: @Benlifechanger
Twitter: @Benlifechanger
FB: @Ben-Lifechanger

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