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After 33 years behind the Newstalk ZB microphone, Leighton can’t give it up completely. There were so many requests to continue his opinionated commentary that the prospect of podcasting was born.

So, without restriction, Leighton will continue to serve up on everything you want to hear about and some things you don’t. Stand by to be enlightened, educated and enraged!

Listen to the last episode:

He was a New York Times reporter, but don’t hold that against him. He wrote on the pharmaceutical industry, and on cyclone Katrina. He reported on the world of finance and the crimes of Bernie Madoff.
Then the Iraqi war, where he went on two separate journalistic missions spread over a number of months. It was in that environment that the idea for John Wells was born. The central character for his first novel ’The Faithful Spy’. He has since penned another eleven.
But bestselling author Alex Berenson was in NZ to talk on a different subject. This time it is marijuana and his book ‘ Tell Your Children’.
It was a wide ranging and enjoyable discussion.
And finally, the compulsory appearance of Mrs Producer and some feedback.
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