Detective and Mystery – Retro Radio Podcast

Detective and Mystery – Retro Radio Podcast

Keith Heltsley

Podcasting to share family friendly entertainment through old time radio, and more.

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Johnny submits his expense report while investigating the carnival show accidents. All he gets is resistance from the operators of the carnival rides and attractions. Nobody wants to talk about the string of accidents that have plagued the show, and caused the insurance claims that have Johnny on the job.
Who could be out to ruin the show? The carnival company is rapidly getting a bad reputation. The owners claim to have loyal, and trustworthy employees, but there is at least one person who might want to cause trouble. The trouble is, he has a good alibi, since he’s locked up in jail.
Johnny manages to find a man who threatens that more people will be hurt in an upcoming accident, but there’s nothing solid that Johnny can pin on him. How are the carnival folks taking it? The show must go on, and Johnny is sticking close to do what he can to prevent danger, but a body is still found. There’s still two potential victims, but one of them is in on helping the sabateur, and killer.
Johnny tracks down the clues at hand, but it just leads to yet another body. Finally, Johnny finds the vital clues he needs, and gets to the real motive for the killings. The bad guys are confronted as Johnny lays out his findings to them.
It’s not quite over yet when revenge drives a meeting full of gun play, and Johnny driving away as fast as he can in a crazy scene with the suspects shooting it out in the trailer as Johnny drives as fast as he can for the authorities. Will there be any survivors to emerge from the back of that trailer?
Still have doubts as to the mystery? Johnny shares all as he turns in his final expense report.

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